Friday, 5 March 2010



texturing Problems

we had texturing problems throughout the whole process of rendering. Any times within project we lost data on the texturing when it was rendering.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Keep in contact!

Hi guys, we found a way of keeping in contact, and we have decided to use Facebook.

Feeling weak using Maya

hi guys, if anyone feels that there maya skills aren't as good as they should be, i have some video tutorials from digital tutors and Gnomon that i brought. I believe that you will find the tutorials very useful. Leonard

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Friday, 5 February 2010


Hi Guys,
I am announcing by this weekend that you've finished your research and concepts and begin modeling.All this should be on your blog. we are all behind on the project, where we should be at the stage of texturing. Next week is our formative where jared is going to be discussing with us the progress of the team and work. LAST TIME FINISH RESEARCH, CONCEPTs AND START MODELING!!!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Rough Storyboard & Animatic

This is a rough storyboard and animatic drawn by Shuhel. We all came up with different shots and storyboards, eventually we narrowed it down and took the best elements of each of our storyboards and produced the final rough storyboard and animatic.

Research - important information

I thought about the project that we are going to do and the amount of research that is going to be taken place, so i decided to make the work easier for us.

Yemi, Shuhel and Marious, i want you guys to be looking at building designs for the cities because you will be creating a small city. i want you to be Researching on Artists, Designers, and Photos that you find interesting to you. i also want you guys to be working close together on the design of the buildings. create a Bird-map of the buildings, so you know where all the Buildings & Roads are going to be. Look on Leonard's blog to get an idea. Leonard and Trish will be looking at interior buildings and bridges using the same principles of research.

I came up with a idea of each person modeling, texturing 5/6 buildings based upon your building designs (research).
Yemi - City Buildings/car
Shuhel - City Buildings/car
Marious - City Buildings

Leonard - Interior building/bridge/car
Trish - Interior building/bridge



The vision for the short film is going to be an interior building zooming down into the basement (Garage), where there will be a car. The car will start moving off out side the basement (Garage) towards the city. We will also be creating a bridge, that will be leaving towards the city.

We have already chosen the theme Sci-Fi Futuristic, So the First thing we should do is gather up a lot of research. we should look at:

Futurism art
Other art styles
architectures work
Photos-primary & secondary sources
Films/games- production artists
Anything else that may be useful towards the Project.

Friday, 22 January 2010

I found these images of an artist called Stephan Martiniere who is currently the visual design director for Midway Games.

This is close to what we wanna achieve but honestly we also want to be a bit open and creative and make it more different, unique and creative. Looking at artists and deisgners.

Architecture showcase: Example

Here i found another clip of an interior building design work. i hope that it would help us with our vision for this project.

Architect showcase: Example

I was researching some information on what architectures do when i came across these video clips of students architecture work.
i thought that these clips will be useful and give us an idea of what is expected from us to produce.
This is a copy of the production workflow we are initially working from so we don't lose track of time.

This is our schedule plan for this project. This will show our plan of organization.


Welcome Team Alpha,
Over the past couple of weeks we have taking about the environments project. We all discussed about the theme and vision of the project, which was actually interesting with the amount of ideas we came up with. We have all decided to go with the theme and look of a sci-fi futuristic city.


Team Alpha is a group of talented students who are working together towards a final collaborative short film. The short film will be an environments project that will be modelled in 3D, UV mapped, textured and lit based upon the students research of environments, materials, designers, artists, outings..etc.

The following students are Leonard onikoyi, Shuhel ahmed, Yemi Akande, Marios Economides and Trish Phan.

You Go Team Alpha!!